Client Testimonials

Great Job!!! I'm certain it was through your respectful tack and candor that within a two week period, you had my civil rights to vote & hold public office restored. The order was not acted on for more than 6 months by the DFO. Thanks again for getting the whole truth to courts.

- Patrick Tessmen

Throughout the course of my divorce, Dan was patient and thorough. Since I was unfamiliar with legal language, Dan was careful to explain every step of the process until he was sure I understood. He was always prepared well in advance and was complimented by the judge on his preparation of the necessary paperwork. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge of law and in particular how it applied to my case. He was always honest and forthright, and gave insightful advice, both legal and personal. However, I was most impressed by the amount of time Dan seemed to spend thinking aboutmy case. He would often call me with thoughts or questions, hoping to help advance my case. I was also extremely impressed by the accessibility I had to Dan. I never had any trouble reaching him by phone or meeting with him on short notice. I often felt that my case was the only one he cared about, and I never felt that my case was routine or that my questions were a bother. It was clear to me that not only was my case important to him, my personal well being was just as important to him. I would recommend the legal services of Dan Moulton to anyone looking for an excellent attorney.

- Christine Severson

My daughter was in a serious automobile crash and was severely injured. I retained Dan Moulton as our lawyer for her case. He explained our options then began his investigation into gathering facts and eyewitness account.

I was impressed with is professionalism and knowledge of the law involved.

When the investigation was complete we went to court and after all the evidence was presented, my daughter was awarded the compensation she deserved.

This was possible due to Mr. Moulton's dogged determination to bring this ease to a satisfactory conclusion.

In the future, I will always seek his help in any other events that may occur.

Tim A. Russell

If you are need of an attorney, I would highly recommend attorney Dan Moulton from Rochester, MN.

I was arrested for some very serious felonies, plus misdemeanors, facing possible prison time. I contacted attorney Moulton immediately for a consultation & hired him right away to represent me.

Eventually all charges were dismissed, not even a fine! I was so grateful for his help!